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State-of-the-art facilities at IQL that supports hybrid learning solutions


Infrastructure & Facilities

State of the Art Facilities

Prof. Tsuda Hall

2022-09-01T05:36:58+00:00Mini Auditorium|

This mini auditorium was named after Prof. Tsuda. The auditorium is facilitated with a huge LED display wall, PA system, podium, and additional screens. It has both theatre type seating (Major - 120) and cluster seating (Partly - 40) to conduct conferences.

Prof. Washio Hall

2022-09-01T07:00:06+00:00Connected Classroom|

The hall was named after Prof. Washio. It has multiple interactive screens, a PA system, pin-up boards and cameras, with advanced internal recording facility. This is a smart classroom that supports virtual learning and teaching and enables remote teaching/participation. It has cluster type seating that can accommodate 45 people.

Village Buddha Hall

2022-09-01T05:40:38+00:00Seminar hall|

This hall named after Village Buddha, Prof. Shoji Shiba’s concept on CSR. It is equipped with a projector, PA system, and podium and has cluster type seating that can accommodate 45 people.


2022-09-01T12:00:37+00:00Smart Classrooms|

Each of these classrooms has interactive screens and enables remote teaching/participation. The classrooms have cluster seating that can accommodate 30 people.

Classroom 4

2022-09-02T12:17:36+00:00Computer Classroom|

This classroom has an interactive screen and 14 individual PCs with high-end configuration. This is ideal for conducting software related training and enables learners to simultaneously work on the subject.

Skill training block 1

2022-09-02T10:56:55+00:00Fundamental skills|

Equipped to provide training for Assembly, Fabrication, Die maintenance, Material handling and VR-based training & qualification system for welders.

Skill training block 2

2022-09-02T10:56:53+00:00Safety simulation / Virtual reality|

Equipped to provide training for Safety, Machining and Painting including VR-based training & qualification system for sprayers.

Skill training block 3

2022-09-02T10:57:10+00:00Maintenance skill development|

Exclusively equipped to provide training for Maintenance which covers diagnosis, restoration, and predictive maintenance skills.

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